Meet  Pastor Ricky

 Pastor Ricky A. Whitney was born in Savannah, GA to Mrs. Edith Moses and Mr. Roosevelt Whitney, Sr.  As a child, he and his mother moved frequently, traveling from Savannah to Ohio and Michigan, receiving his education in various school systems. Pastor Whitney gave his life to Christ in 1974, while attending the Job Corp Camp in Pine Mount, Kentucky. In 1978 Pastor Whitney rededicated his life to Christ at Beautiful Zion Church in Savannah, GA under Pastor Benjamin Brown, Jr.


In 1985, God led Pastor Whitney to Chapel of Christian Love Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA where as a licensed minister, he served faithfully as Youth Pastor.  Being a faithful servant and having proved himself, he was ordained in 1993. In 1995 he was promoted from Youth Pastor to Senior Associate Pastor of Chapel of Christian Love Baptist Church, under the leadership of Reverend Dr. James Milner.


Pastor Whitney received a Certificate of Theology from Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC), in Atlanta, GA on May 13, 2000. His other accomplishments include:  Certification of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling from Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Atlanta, GA. “Father of the Year” award, Concerned Black Clergy, Atlanta, GA. He has volunteered hours of service at Both Odyssey III of Atlanta, GA as well as East Broad Street Shelter in Savannah, GA. He was honored as “Pastor of Week” by WSOK Radio station in 2007. Pastor Whitney takes pride in numerous accomplishments and awards during his career as a plumber with Roto Rooter Corp. After the death of the founding pastor of Beautiful Zion Church in 2000, Pastor Whitney took the helm and with inspiring and innovative leadership, God sent restoration and spiritual revival.


Pastor Whitney’s willingness and gifted hands not only helped with the spiritual restoration and reconstruction of the spiritual church, but he also helped in the renovation of the facility and reconstruction of the ministry.  Pastor Whitney is married to Co-Pastor Mary Whitney formerly known as Mary Bing Brown. God has blessed them with a wonderful and loving blended family of five daughters and one son. They share a total of 15 grandchildren, who are beautiful and gifted of the Lord. His constant desire is to pleased God and be a ready vessel for God’s glory.